Palestine Fact Cards

Israeli War Crimes - Cards Part 1

CARD 94 - Yitzhak Rabin Quote

80. White Phosphor Shells photographed

81. DIME weapons photographed being used

82. Depleted Uranium being used on Palestinians

83. Theft of arab lands over time

84. IDF snipers taking aim on babies + children

85. Rabbi quoted saying " Kill them all"

86. Rabbi calls for "children to be hanged"

87. Deputy Defense minister says a "bigger holocaust"

88. Treating children as adult combatants

89. Confirmation of targetting civilians

90. Israel uses 13yr old as human sheild

91. Israel herds family into house then bombs it

92. David Ben Gurion Quote on arab lands

93. Golda Meir quote

94. Yitzhak Rabin quote

95. Menachem Begin quote

96. Yitzhak Shamir quote

97. Benjamin Netenyahu quote

98. Ehud Barak quote

99. Arial Sharon quote












































Israels Holocaust of Palestine and the Mid-East region MUST CEASE !!

Foreword By Rabbi Jerry Goldstein

Its not easy to say words about ones own birth country. However modern day Israel is just plain sick. There is no greater sorrow than the sadness I feel when I am faced to admit this.

Israel is a viral cancer of death that spreads like the very corrupting power that makes its leaders drunk with a lust for blood money revenge and ultimately power.

I just hope by praying for peace in the region and by avoiding the companies that feed Israels killing machine, we can bring peace back into the hearts of good men once again.

Please consider donating to thank the cards conceptual creator and designer and keep this website up for many years to come. Assisting this worthwhile cause and boycotting Israeli funding goods will show the world... WE CAN make a difference.

Kind Regards with Peace and Love



Rabbi Jerry Goldstein. 21st Dec. 2008



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